A fine leather wallet is an accessory that both men and women can appreciate. It is a timeless accessory that comes in so many different designs, colors and styles that it can fit in with every taste out there. This makes it a perfect gift for the man or woman in your life.

The only real question you have to ask yourself when purchasing an Exotic wallet is, is this wallet for a man or a woman?

In most cases a man’s style wallet will be much smaller than one you would purchase for a woman, as these are designed to fit into a trouser or jacket pocket.

The big question over a man’s wallet is how much storage should it hold, should it have two rows for card storage, a bi fold design, or should it have three, a tri fold design? This is fairly obvious if you know the man in your life well and have seen how many cards he tries to stuff in his pockets or wallet he has at present.

A good tip here, if you are buying a wallet for the man in your life, is to check what wallet type he has at present and get him something along similar lines.

For women the wallet is normally bigger as they are created to hold chequebooks too. This makes their design longer and narrower than men’s. They will also include card storage rows and a coin purse. As there is often a chequebook holder there is normally also a pen holder too, how else will the lady be able to fill in those cheques?

Leather wallets these days come in all sorts of colors, there is the traditional leather looks of black and brown, but now of course you can get them in red, grey, blue, purple, in fact any color you are able to find that you like or believe the person you are buying it for would really appreciate. They can have interiors to match or contrast with the exterior and you can get both snap style wallets and zip style.

So as you can tell there is a huge and varied amount of wallets to pick and choose from. Once you know what the ideal wallet is you are looking for then the searching begins. There are plenty of resources and stores online to find the perfect wallet.


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